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Projects for Raymond Camden

Raymond Camden currently has 41 project(s) at RIAForge. These projects have been downloaded 198,832 time(s) and have been viewed 3,053,395 time(s).

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Last Updated: 1/9/12
Downloads: 67,003
Views: 541,100
A blogging application.

Last Updated: 4/28/11
Downloads: 411
Views: 11,482
A set of utilities for extension writers.

Last Updated: 10/21/12
Downloads: 1,381
Views: 28,115
Handles programmatic cache updates in ColdFusion

Canvas ColdFusion Wiki
Last Updated: 7/6/13
Downloads: 12,940
Views: 208,791
A ColdFusion wiki.

CF Admin Searcher
Last Updated: 3/6/13
Downloads: 2,068
Views: 37,796
This tool provides a quick way to perform ad hoc queries against Solr and Verity collections.

Last Updated: 10/27/11
Downloads: 5,140
Views: 34,411
Allows CFBuilder to browse CFLib UDFs.

Last Updated: 6/19/10
Downloads: 1,664
Views: 62,345
A ColdFusion/Spry integration kit.

ColdFusion Administrator Mobile (CFAM)
Last Updated: 8/19/10
Downloads: 649
Views: 14,755
A mobile-optimized version of the ColdFusion Administrator.

ColdFusion Database Explorer
Last Updated: 2/27/10
Downloads: 4,509
Views: 42,718
A database explorer. It allows you to browse and write SQL against DSNs.

ColdFusion UPS Package
Last Updated: 3/26/12
Downloads: 3,650
Views: 73,087
A set of APIs that allow ColdFusion to work with UPS's services.

ColdFusion Yahoo Package
Last Updated: 2/23/10
Downloads: 5,839
Views: 123,161
A set of APIs that allow ColdFusion to work with Yahoo's services.

Last Updated: 2/16/09
Downloads: 711
Views: 15,072
A CFC wrapper for SugarCRM.

Galleon ColdFusion Forums
Last Updated: 1/19/13
Downloads: 22,142
Views: 745,321
Galleon is a forums application built in ColdFusion.

Last Updated: 5/30/12
Downloads: 235
Views: 4,174
Allows for quick Gist creation.

Last Updated: 7/13/11
Downloads: 6,572
Views: 72,941
An API to Google's Calendar

Last Updated: 12/27/08
Downloads: 953
Views: 22,490
A CFC wrapper for the Google Contacts API.

Gravatar Cache Service
Last Updated: 11/27/06
Downloads: 544
Views: 19,191
A caching service for Gravatar images.

Harlan Ad Server
Last Updated: 5/24/12
Downloads: 3,878
Views: 63,423
Harlan is a simple ad server.

Last Updated: 5/23/11
Downloads: 616
Views: 8,186
Allows you to view JSON data in CFDUMP format.

Last Updated: 10/19/08
Downloads: 799
Views: 13,352
A ColdFusion Component

Lighthouse Pro
Last Updated: 9/1/12
Downloads: 13,229
Views: 296,758
Lighthouse Pro is an issue tracker.

Last Updated: 11/11/10
Downloads: 288
Views: 4,677
Used to help you debug ColdFusion Builder extensions.

My Database View
Last Updated: 10/12/11
Downloads: 392
Views: 4,212
Replaces RDS Table Contents view

ORMScanner Extension
Last Updated: 6/17/10
Downloads: 443
Views: 6,348
Scans persistent CFCs for invalid properties.

Last Updated: 2/14/08
Downloads: 1,175
Views: 22,791
Paragator is a ColdFusion aggregator

Last Updated: 4/19/10
Downloads: 3,780
Views: 40,463
A set of utilities to extend ColdFusion's PDF support.

QueryParam Scanner Extension
Last Updated: 10/8/11
Downloads: 1,665
Views: 21,772
Allows you to scan for missing QueryParams in queries.

Random Data Generator
Last Updated: 7/1/10
Downloads: 758
Views: 8,741
Generates random queries. Useful for mocking up services.

RIAForge Downloader
Last Updated: 1/9/12
Downloads: 1,239
Views: 30,938
Let's you download RIAForge projects via Bolt

Last Updated: 1/15/12
Downloads: 5,351
Views: 38,112
Allows you to parse and create RSS feeds.

Last Updated: 12/6/11
Downloads: 1,298
Views: 24,560
A custom tag that simplifies caching.

Last Updated: 4/24/09
Downloads: 1,975
Views: 55,223
A ColdFusion wrapper for Lucene's search engine code

Share CFC
Last Updated: 1/12/11
Downloads: 861
Views: 22,108
A ColdFusion wrapper for Adobe's Share service.

Last Updated: 9/8/08
Downloads: 992
Views: 21,003
A wrapper to the SlideShare service

Last Updated: 1/13/14
Downloads: 8,641
Views: 138,489
Soundings is a ColdFusion Survey application.

Last Updated: 3/9/12
Downloads: 4,954
Views: 64,667
SpoolMail lets you quickly access emails stored in the undelivered folder on a ColdFusion server. It is useful for testing emails sent out by an application on a development box.

Spore API Wrapper
Last Updated: 3/5/09
Downloads: 397
Views: 8,652
A simple CFC wrapper for the Spore API

Last Updated: 4/22/08
Downloads: 4,576
Views: 16,553
An AIR based TimeTracker, useful for contractors wanting to measure their work on projects.

Last Updated: 7/17/08
Downloads: 644
Views: 12,167
A wrapper for the Vimeo video service.

YouTube CFC
Last Updated: 12/6/12
Downloads: 3,964
Views: 65,656
A CFC that integrates with the YouTube API

Zip/Email Extension
Last Updated: 5/25/10
Downloads: 506
Views: 7,594
Handles easy zip/email operations for CFBuilder code.